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When I was 10 years old, my father lost his business and our family was suddenly plunged into poverty. After that, money – or the lack of it – destroyed my whole family’s sense of security. And I was determined to figure out the whole “money thing.” It broke my parents, but I was not going to let it break me. Eventually, as my career in mortgage banking began to grow, I worked hard to build my business, but what drove me even harder was my passion for teaching my clients how to manage money better. 

A mortgage is a way to use the bank’s money to buy real estate, and the loan program you choose and the way you structure that loan makes the difference between staying in debt and using your home and your ability to save money to build wealth. I’m proud to say my advice has helped many of my clients build a path to financial security for their families. I would be honored to serve you in the same way.



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