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Why a Jumbo Loan? There are many benefits, including: financing available up to $2.5 million; the convenience of one loan for the entire loan amount instead of having multiple mortgages; competitive pricing… and more.

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A jumbo loan is a loan that exceeds the conforming loan limits as set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. As of 2017, the limit is $424,100 for most of the US, apart from Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, where the limit is $636,150. Rates tend to be a bit higher on jumbo loans because lenders generally have a higher risk.

We’re here to make the jumbo home loan process a whole lot easier, with tools and expertise that will help guide you along the way, starting with our FREE Jumbo Loan Qualifier.

We’ll help you clearly see the differences between loan programs, allowing you to choose the right one for you – whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned investor.

Here’s how our home loan process works:

  • Complete our simple Jumbo Loan Qualifier
  • Receive options based on your unique criteria and scenario
  • Compare mortgage interest rates and terms
  • Choose the offer that best fits your needs

What Is a Jumbo Home Mortgage in Fort Myers, Florida?

In a nutshell, a jumbo home mortgage is a conventional mortgage but supersized.

When people are purchasing luxury properties or ordinary properties in expensive markets like Florida, San Francisco, Manhattan, or D.C., they may not have enough money to put down to bring their loan within the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac conforming loan limits. A jumbo loan can provide the higher mortgage amount they need.

When you need a jumbo mortgage loan in Fort Myers, Florida, Fort Myers Mortgage Experts are your go-to lending professionals.

What Is the Current Limit for a Jumbo Home Mortgage Loan in Florida?

The average cost of a single unit house or condo in Lee County is $244,700, so the current 1-unit conforming loan limit for FHA (Federal Housing Administration) of $356,362 works for most people. The current limit for a jumbo mortgage loan in Fort Myers, Florida, is $548,250.

Who Qualifies for a Jumbo Home Mortgage Loan in Fort Myers Florida

Because of the higher accessible loan amount, a jumbo loan has more risk for the lender, so the eligibility criteria are more strict. To better illustrate the requirements, let’s compare the three common types of loans:


  • Credit score of 580
  • 43% debt-to-income ratio


  • Credit score of 620
  • 45% debt-to-income ratio


  • Credit score of 700+
  • 45% debt-to-income ratio
  • Some lenders require cash reserves
  • More extensive income documentation
  • May require a second appraisal

Unsure if you qualify for a jumbo loan, or if it is the right loan product for you? Call Fort Myers Mortgage Experts today, we can chat, and you will understand why we don’t say “No,” we say “When?”

Fort Myers Mortgage Experts: Your Jumbo Home Loan Expert in Fort Myers, Florida

Don’t have the equity available in your current home to put enough down on a luxury home to bring it within conventional loan limits? Have stellar credit, great income, and some cash reserves, but not quite enough to buy in a high-cost neighborhood? The DiGregorio Difference is the answer.

Fort Myers Mortgage Experts can help you decide on the best loan product for you by discussing loan options like jumbo loans and other financing options. Contact us today, no matter where you are in the home buying process. We are ready to help you make your property ownership dreams come true.

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