Get a VA Loan for Your Condo Purchase

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American flag on the porch.

Coming back to you with some more information

about how to finance condominiums


This time I want to talk about

Buying a Condo with a VA loan


If you are a Veteran, thank you so much for your services

As I am very passionate about helping our Veterans


Look, condos and VA loans don’t blend together

If you’ve watched a video in FHA and Condos

it is very similar


In order to purchase a condo

using a VA loan

The condo must be VA approved


There is not many of them

there’s more on FHA user but not many


You may ask why there are so few

What I have been told

The process to get a condominium approved

with VA is a very timely and expensive process


And you know the full process of buying a condominium

does help promote sales and help move more of the units

I guess a lot of people decide that it is not


So whether you go FHA or VA

The approval process is expensive

and the approvals expire,

you have got to keep redoing it


So that is why there aren’t many


Look, if you are interested in buying a condo

And utilizing your VA mortgage benefits

Reach out to me and I’d be happy to do

a search and pull up a list for you


That’s what I got for you on VA

Thank you very much folks

My name is Scott DiGregorio

I’m Your Mortgage Guy

I’ll see you on the next video, take care


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