Exit strategies

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Talking to you about Exit Strategies

What the heck is an Exit Strategy?

Look, we have got to understand, how long are we going to be

in that house for that mortgage. So we can make decisions


And I have got to tell you, this is one of the first questions I ask people

Because it applies to so many different topics

Should I pay points, etc..


Look, in regards to refinancing

We have to understand what our exit strategy is

And I have touched on this on various pieces of other videos in this series

Just to wrap it all up into one pretty bow .. or… I don’t know.. anyway…


If you are rolling debt into your mortgage, a car for example

And you are going to keep that mortgage for 30 yrs

We have got to factor into the equation, that you are going to have

another car payment at some point


If we are refinancing to lower our monthly payment

Whether it’s debt consolidation or not, we have got to understand that

If we are 3 yrs into a 30 yr mortgage and we get a new 30 yr mortgage

We just added 3 more years to the term, which is very expensive potentially


So, look, whenever you are having these conversations you need to have

an honest conversation with yourselves; yourself, your spouse and whoever else

is in your decision making circle about what is your exit strategy


And this is where it gets difficult, “who the heck knows, what 5-10-20 years

is going to happen from now”.

But, using the best of our abilities, we have to give it a shot

So, think about Exit Strategy, not doing it will cost you BIG TIME!


If you have any questions about your specific situation

Reach out to me, I’m here to help

My name is Scott DiGregorio, I’m Your Mortgage Guy

I’ll talk to you soon.. Byebye.


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