Can You Use Home Equity for Debt Consolidation?

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Talking to you more about Debt Consolidation Refi using your home’s equity

Please be careful with what I am about to share with you

DO NOT pay off your credit cards with a new refinance

and then run your credit cards back up


If there is one message I can get across to people is this

Stop keeping up with the “Jones” the “Jones” are broke

I look at their tax returns all day long, they are broke

They have toys but they are broke (can be removed)

Don’t be broke


Dave Ramsey is a great financial expert

He has a book called the “Total Money Makeover”

He talks a lot about assigning a name into every dollar


Please, if you have got yourself into a situation with credit card debt

Look, sometimes people get there by doing “stupid crap”

Sometimes people get there by life kicking them when they are down

I get it, I have done both, so please I speak from experience

But, ← remove 1sec → We have to understand that we can’t keep tapping

into our home like an ATM, because it is going to bite us.

We have to understand that, that home equity is a

solid part of our retirement plan.

We can leverage it for less mortgages down the road

We can simply sell it and pocket the difference

There are a lot of perks there


If you do a Debt Consolidation Refi

I have another video talking about cars, you have to be careful

If you are rolling in cars…

If you are rolling in credit cards, do not run those credit cards back up

It will bite you long term, it’s not worth whatever you are buying


My name is Scott DiGregorio, Your Mortgage Guy

Have any questions, specific situations, reach out to me that’s what I do

I’ll talk to you soon, take care!


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