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Talking to you about how to get your Real Estate portfolio started,  one option is equity in your current home and I mentioned this in a video. Wealthy people understand that to build wealth, you need to make your money work for you. So if you are in your home and you are sitting on $50K or $100K worth of equity, and you are interested in building up a rental home portfolio, which by the way, owning rental Real Estate is important to building wealth, said every RICH GUY EVER, this is the information you need. 


It’s just the thing…I understand 2008, I also understand 1929, those are times that are just rare. BIG PICTURE…if you buy smart, rental Real Estate works. By the way, just to dispel that myth further, if you bought a house in 2005 and you still own it you’d be doing just fine because I got plenty of people who did just that.


Look, you should consider as an option tapping into your equity to invest in Real Estate. Because you have got to understand, you got your home that is valued and it’s going up in value and it’s depreciating. If you take some of that equity and invest it into another piece of property, You now have 2 homes going up in equity and your return on that is increased proportionately. So, tapping into your equity to purchase a piece of Real Estate, makes sense. Generally, investment Real Estate needs about 15% down sometimes more. Again, we can do it either with a full loan refinance

or maybe just some home equity line of credit, something of that nature.


Listen, are you a new investor? Do you want to be a new investor? Do you want your portfolio going? I’ve helped so many clients do this again and again. There are some unequivocal tricks that I can share with you. Just reach out to me, I do not want anything in return, I just want to help and give back


I’m Scott DiGregorio, Your Mortgage Guy,

I’ll talk to you soon, byebye!


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