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Should you do a Debt Consolidation Mortgage?

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Coming back to you with another difference in working with myself

and Primary Residential Mortgage

Maybe you own a home and you are thinking about doing a debt consolidation

Maybe you are concerned about your credit, maybe you are concerned about the numbers

Maybe you are concerned that the credit poll is going to drop your score


Look, I am sending all these videos

My mindset is always about removing friction

How can I make things easier for people at every possible stage

And we have an amazing tool that enables us to do a soft poll on your credit reports

So there’s no hits on your credit

Enables me to pull a credit report I can provide you with a copy of it


I can do a proper debt consolidation analysis without taking your credit

Without costing you any money. And we have an idea as to what we are working with

Look, you have got to be careful pulling your credit online

A fair amount of misinformation out there, you could pull your credit

But how does it relate to programs and other things that are out there

That’s my expertise, so look… if you are thinking about doing debt consolidation

We have an amazing tool that will run the numbers for you

Show you the break even points, all sorts of great stuff

And we can also do it without doing a hard hit on your credit


I’m Scott DiGregorio, Your Mortgage Guy

I’ll see you at the next video, take care


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