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What programs are out there?

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a young couple getting the keys to their house.

Talking to you about more of the differences,

why work with me, why do I work with Primary Residential Mortgage

And I want to talk about programs this time. Loan programs

It is getting aggressive and I have referenced this on other videos

Look, when I got into the business in the 90’s

We were all product sales people, Whoever had the lowest downpayment

that type of thing is what people went to

And then the crash happened and everybody had the same loan programs

And we are now getting back into a point.

Where the further we get away from the 2008 crash

The more programs that are out there

There are programs now for people with bad credit

There are programs out there now for people with recent foreclosures and short sales

There are programs out there now for people where you could use (for self employed people)

other means to verify income outside of tax returns… on and on and on..


You know what, by the time you see this video there are probably 3 more programs

that I don’t even know about yet. But here is the thing..

The programs that are continuing to expand that I had access to

Every single program that I have ever heard of


The one or two things that I know I don’t do

For example, bridge loans, I have great competitors in town that do them

So, if I can’t help you I can steer you in the right direction

But programs are getting aggressive


Maybe you have been turned down for a mortgage in the last 3 months or 3 yrs

Or maybe you have been told that to qualify for a mortgage

You have got to do X Y and Z with your taxes you’re not comfortable doing

Look, just because somebody said “no” to you yesterday

Does not mean that you can’t be told yesterday

If that is the situation, reach out to me. Don’t make assumptions

whether or not there are programs out there for you

You might be shocked of the programs that are out there and they are expanding day by day


I’m Scott DiGregorio, Your Mortgage Guy

I’ll see you at the next video, take care


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