Scott Digregorio

I want to circle back around and talk about rates here

Are rates going to go up? Are rates going to go down?

YES.. right?

I can go a lot deeper and talk about that for awhile

But, There is something we offer here at Primary Residential Mortgage

That is completely unique to the industry and its amazing!

It’s a 180 Day Lock and Shop program — check it out


Generally speaking you are not able to lock in your loan

Until you secure your property and find a home

Except with us!

With us I can actually lock in your interest rate upwards of 6 months!

While you are out shopping for a house

Now for rates staying stable or rates declining

that does nothing for you, but if rates are going up … that’s BIG


So we are able to lock in your loan, now, when you lock in loan for 6 months

The interest rates in terms aren’t as good, but once you find the property

I can bring it back down to market rates so you don’t pay extra for it

So if you end up taking the full 6 months you ended up getting a great

Financing structure, if you find a house in three weeks  you are not penalized

For doing it, it’s kind of the best of both worlds


Look, I talk a lot about the emotional stress and client after client

Tells me “Scott, I never realized how stressful this is going to be”

I remember once I had a client tell me that he was concerned about

the stability of his marriage and he wanted to buy a house to help

stabilize things, and I’m like dude…this is a stressful ordeal

Taking a stressful situation and running it through one of the most stressful

things you could do together, I am not a counselor, but you may want to think

that one through a little bit right?


The stress is real.. And everything I can do to reduce the stress

Is what my mindset is focused on. And making sure

you don’t have to worry the interest rate getting out of hand

and your payment getting out of hand with it

Well I am here to help


I’m Scott DiGregorio, Your Mortgage Guy

If you are thinking about buying a house, reach out to me

I’m here to help, take care.


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