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The different way we do underwriting

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a person signing papers in the home owning process.

Talking to you about the different way we do underwriting

And look I am not going to lie and tell you that we are the only ones that do this

There are others that do this

But, I am biased, because I think we do it better


We do our underwriting up-front

The way it traditionally works in the mortgage process is

You take an application, then the loan gets processed

Which will take a couple of weeks

Then it goes to underwriting


The underwriter is the one that actually “says yes on your loan”,

Here’s the problem…underwriters look at things through a different lens

I have a dirty little secret to tell you

Loan officers guess, when somebody comes to me and says

“Do I qualify for a mortgage?”

I am guessing what the underwriters are going to say

Except that I have an in-house underwriter, and he and I actually work together

But 99% of all loan officers are guessing

And if you are really good, you guess right most of the time

But it goes beyond that right?


I had a situation once where a person had (CUT) a foreclosure

That passed and it wasn’t on their credit report

I knew nothing of it, he came to me

I pulled the credit, I looked at the numbers, everything made sense

Underwriters have access to systems that nobody else has access to

I think you need stage 5 security clearance or something..

But anyway, When the underwriter went to that system

The foreclosure came up and the deal died

And it is what it is..and there is nothing we could do

The problem with that is, at that point the person had put in notice for their landlord

They’ve spent a whole bunch of money, all of these things have

started in motion and they were going to be homeless


So that is why we underwrite upfront because

This was years ago before we started the upfront underwriting

And that’s one of the reasons we did

We now find out the answer from the underwriter 3 days or 5 days or 1 day

After application, it happens super quick


Don’t “slow” that down by giving me paperwork slowly

Anyway as long as I get my paperwork quickly

You have your underwriting approval literally in a couple of days

And … you talk about peace of mind.

I’ll go a step further, I got a whole video of getting your offer accepted

What if you put in the offer acceptance that you already get your loan approval in 5 days

That will strengthen your offer and make a difference


So, upfront underwriting has a lot of different applications and benefits to you

As far as getting your offer accepted and frankly peace of mind

Which is huge..Also if a problem does pop up we have more than ample time to overcome it

I cannot tell you how many loans I closed, that start off not being a loan

And I massage, mold and shape and do my thing

And they end up closing happily.


so many times my clients don’t even know what’s happening in the background

Because that is what I am there for

Otherwise a computer will be getting mortgages


If you need expertise, I have the expertise

I’m Scott Digregorio, Your Mortgage Guy

Give me a call I would love to be there to help you, take care


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