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It’s not the end: What we do for you to get you qualified

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Scott Digregorio

Talking about the difference in using me…

why do I work with Primary Residential Mortgage


And this time I want to talk about a sad result

You are all excited to buy a home and decide this is the time

You come and meet with me, you apply with me

And for any one of multitude of reasons, you don’t qualify


Look, despite all the years of doing this

I despise telling that to people

And as a result to that I don’t


Look, my mindset is never NO

My mindset is always WHEN

When can I get you into a home

What do I have to do to get your mortgage ready


Look, credit is a big piece of this right,

I can do a whole other video of the financials, like the taxes and income


But, I want to talk credit on this video

Because credit is such a misunderstood thing

By the way if you haven’t watched my whole series on credit

that’s really valuable. But anyway, here is what we do  


If you do not qualify for any reason, credit related reason

We are going to monitor your credit

Now, we don’t pull your credit, we don’t hurt your credit

We don’t take your credit.


But we are going to monitor your credit with a system we have

And what that system does is. It enables us to be alerted

When your credit meets our minimum qualifying standards

Which are some of the most aggressive in the industry


So what happens is, if you don’t qualify on day 1

And maybe a month, 2 months or 2 years down the road, you do

You are going to get notified via email

You are going to get a piece of mail

And I am going to get notified as well


Now I have all kinds of information I provide to people

To help educate them on credit. I am not allowed to give out credit repair

Referrals or advise or anything, but I can certainly educate people on credit

So, that’s what I’ve done (and still do)


I just want you to know, that if you don’t qualify on the front end

I am going to put together a plan

I am going to educate you on what you need to know

And I am going to monitor things.

So at some point down the road…

You are going to be celebrating the Holidays in your new home.

I’m Scott Digregorio, Your Mortgage Guy

I look forward talking to you, take care

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