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Reliable loan process through PRMI

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a person signing papers in the home owning process.

Continuing on with the PRMI Difference

Why use me and why do I work where I work

And look, I don’t know if you know this or not

But the primary technology that people use in my industry is still email.


And let me explain, so look, you found your dream home

Hopefully you have watched the video, the harps are playing and light all that good stuff

And then you put in an offer and I made the phone call

and all the things I did to get the offer through

Great news! Your offer got accepted.


So now you have to make loan application

And you have to start providing any missing documentation and what not

And for years that has been done the same way, to be honest with you

It’s not done much different today than it was

20 something years ago when I got in the business


When I got in the business, it was paper now its computer

It’s still basically the same, I don’t know if you realize this but stuff gets hacked

The way it traditionally works is you take an application over the phone

And then you meet with somebody and sign everything

whatever paperwork you need you email back and forth


I don’t know about you, but I am not really stoked about emailing my tax returns

and my Social Security number or my W2s and that’s the way its done


Look, we have an amazing application technology and it is designed

And it is just designed to totally change the process, check it out

First off – its a link by going to FloridaLoanApp.com

At FloridaLoanApp.com, you can create an account and you enter your own information

Here’s the thing, it’s so intuitive where you are typing in addresses (cut)


For example you type in your bank account information

it can automatically pull out bank statements

It can automatically extract certain things from there

You have large deposits we have got to deal with

Do you receive social security or pension income

And it’s taking that information and filling out the application for you

using all the latest AI technology. It’s cool as heck

And then there in the backend of it

whatever paperwork you need, you need less right

because it is auto verifying things


But you still need some paperwork and whatever paperwork is left

An AI engine is building this, instead of me giving you the standard

Like these are the 11 things everybody needs for mortgage

It’s your specific 3 things, your specific 7 things

And then you can upload those documents as simply as taking a picture

With your phone and uploading it

So, it’s just a different experience.

It is just designed to save you so much time, so much hassle, so much aggravation

so much miscommunication.

The front on my mind with this whole thing, is it is so much more secure

And that way, you and I we are looking at the same portal, the same information

It just makes a different experience and a much better one.


Anyway that’s what I got for you  

I’m Scott DiGregorio, Your Mortgage Guy

I’ll see you on the next video, take care


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