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What happens after closing

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Coming back to you with more information on what do I do differently

I mean, is it all the same? Does everybody just gets you a mortgage

No not at all


You found your house, you took the application

You submitted your paperwork, the loan got approved

Closing day arrives <heaven sound effects + Light beam>… how nice


You have your nice beautiful home

Now you got a whole other series of stress with moving and packing

and transferring mail and I am not going to do videos on that… LOL


But, have you ever thought about what should happen from a loan standpoint?

I mean, should I close your loan, and get paid and leave you?

I mean, am I a salesman, selling you a mortgage? No…

I think there is a lot of that in my industry

But look, I look at myself as a debt manager

People understand that you need an advisor to advise you on your investments

And advise you on your money

But people never realize that you need an advisor to advise you on your debt as well

And that’s what I do. And how do I do that?


Well first thing I do is, every year I do annual reviews with my clients

I’ll send out a notification like “Hey, your closing anniversary is here..”

“Let me take a look at things”

And most of those annual frankly end up with “Hey you are in great shape!”

But things change right?


I was just telling somebody, my kids are starting to drive, my kids are starting to go to college

My world today is drastically different than it was 6 months ago

College tuition, car payments, all the stuff now is real

So people’s world change and I think it is so irresponsible

to close on your mortgage and not handle that afterwards


Look, here is what I want to point out to…I am THERE for you AFTER CLOSING

I have people come to me all the time 3,4,5,10 years after I close their mortgage

To help them with whatever it is I might be helping them with

I just want you to know that…

I am THERE for you when while shopping for a house

I am THERE for you during the loan process

And almost most importantly.. I am THERE for you AFTER closing.


That’s what I got for you, that’s what I do different

I’m Scott DiGregorio, I’m Your Mortgage Guy

I’ll see you on the next video, take care


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