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Why you need a good CPA

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Coming at you with some really sound advice

For the love of all things good in this world…


YOU NEED a Tax Professional

Please understand that the tax code is like “yea big”

Services like H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt and TurboTax

all of these other things are not run by accountants


Please spend a couple of hundred dollars a year and get an accountant

If you are self employed, or commission, or rental real estate or anything of that nature

You are a salary Joe right, you get a paycheck every other week

and there is W2 and there is nothing else

But if you have any sort of complexity, the slightest level of complexity, hire a good CPA.

If you don’t know a good CPA, reach out to me and I’ll get you the name of my guy


But a couple of hundred dollars a year..

The last time I did a comparison between what my accountant charges me

And what I would get from H&R Block type of thing

The fees are almost the same, but I am dealing with somebody who has a degree

versus somebody who entered training for a couple of weeks.


It’s a different planet.. GET a GOOD CPA

And then have a conversation with that CPA

Hopefully you have watched the other videos in this series

The way you file your taxes makes all the difference in the world

And again, a GOOD CPA understands


And another thing a GOOD CPA understands that

It is not all about the tax refund

If you are going to beat tax refund and you get audited, you lost

If you are going to beat tax refund and you cannot buy a house for the rest of your life, you lost


So a good accountant does not necessarily mean you hire as refund

It’s a matter of balancing everything. There are expenses, legitimate expenses

That I talk to my accountant about, and he tells me “Scott, that is one of the highest audited items

that the IRS has”

I could then make an informed decision, as to whether or not

I want to include that on my tax return

And by the way I NEVER include that on my tax return

Having the IRS off my back is well worth a couple of dollars in the long run


That’s my advice to you, I’m Scott DiGregorio,

Your Mortgage Guy, reach out to me for any questions,

and I am so going to help you, Thank You, take care.


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