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Why use Scott DiGregorio, Florida Mortgage Broker

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a young couple getting the keys to their house.

Continuing on with the series on PRMI advantage

Why use me? Why do I work for Primary (PRMI)

Look, the experience is just different

So, I want to break down the experience  


And talk about how is it different when the process starts

I’ve referenced this in some of the videos

In fact, I think I am going to do a whole other series on this


I have strategy sessions with my clients  

We do video calls, sometimes over the phone

Ideally I get to sit down with people


What most people do in the industry

Is what I call a “drive-thru lender”

“Hi Scott, I want to qualify for a home, and I want my payments not to be

more than $1800/month”

I run the numbers, cool.. “Based on your situation that qualifies you to $250K”

And most lenders say “Ok go shopping”


And that is just a wrong way of doing it

Look, purchase price influences payment.. True

Interest rates influences payment.. True

But, a little bit right.. Poquito…


The truth is this .. things like taxes, insurance, HOA,

CDDs, Flood insurance, assessments.

These things can move the payments by hundreds and hundreds of dollars

And here’s the problem..


If you don’t have that education up front

You end up buying or ‘falling” in love with a home

Look, the way people make decisions you make an emotional decision

Then find logical reasons to support that decision

That’s how you have bought everything you’ve ever bought in your life

That’s how I’ve bought everything I’ve ever bought


so here is the problem – if you don’t… (add the hyphen) have that education up front

You fall in love with the house. Throw conservative logic out the window

And end up making a decision that you might later regret.

One of the reasons why I survived the great recession and the housing collapse

And literally, ground zero is because back in 2005

I didn’t put people into loans they can’t afford

And it’s all about education

There is a saying, “Because educated clients make better decisions”

At the strategy session, I go over all of those things  


But then I go even further ..

What is your situation? What are your short term and long term financial goals?

What changes are happening in your life?


Let’s go even deeper and “What are your views on money?”

I’ve talked in some of the videos about the livability factor


the heck with “what” the math shows…

What are you comfortable living with?

The truth is that changes based on life experiences ..


I went through a period of extreme poverty when I was young

And as a result to that I am a psychopath about my savings account

It’s not logical, its emotional, but it’s real


So what’s going on inside your head emotionally..

What are your long term and short term financial goals?

Because I want to make sure you are not making a decision

Based on today’s circumstances.


This decision is going to linger…5, 10, 15 years

And lastly what are all the things that go into a house payment

Because taxes and insurance have to be part of your house selection process

If they are not… You can get burned..


That’s what I got for you, I’ll see you on the next video

I’m Scott Digregorio, Your Mortgage Guy, take care


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